29 May 2012

Cozy Bed

I need to talk about this bed situation:

(I don't know the source, other than the ever-vague tumblr post, so if you know please tell me!)

I love interesting beds. Beds without frames (sometimes, but not always.) Beds in weird places. Beds I make out of putting two chairs together! But I really love this idea. I would gladly add in the walls and french doors to a bedroom just to have the feeling of actually being a baby bird in a nest. I don't know what it is about it... while I enjoy the concept of being so tucked into safe walls and corners, I'm not the kind of sleeper who absolutely needs to be beside a wall. 

I'm not even going to try to explain why I love this, I just do. 

Though the picture doesn't add much context for the use of this bed, I can imagine it would be superb in a house with few bedrooms or no excess space but a nice pre-existing nook to use as a guest bedroom.

The only downside is that I spend a lot of time doing things in my bed. Oh my god, stop it. I mean reading, and writing, and computering. I know this is deeply frowned upon by spiritual advisers and psychologists alike, but it's a habit I don't foresee breaking anytime soon. Where do I put my book when I'm done? Open the door? Sleep with it is not an option! If there was some way to safely incorporate a shelf... 

Anyway, I could go on about beds forever. And I will. Soon.

17 October 2011

tomorrow i will, dammit!:

GET UP at 8:10 alarm. like, actually get up--and i hope to remind myself that playing scrabble on my phone is not getting up in the slightest. i need to make my bed too.

it's so hard to make your bed in the morning. it's hard to make my dorm bed, anyway, because it's low to the ground and against a wall in an awkward way that makes it hard to tuck sheets in satisfactorily. but the feeling of climbing into a fresh bed is worth it.

and then i will SHOWER and pick out a superb outfit. i will tidy my room, completely, and take out the garbage.

then i will go to the print studio, or sketch for a few hours.

future maxine, do these things. seriously.

in other news, sorry to whoever reads this for my lack of posting. i've had a lot of thoughts and have been primping with pride over the state of my current room situation but have been busy doing fun things like creating art, drinking good beer and delving back into the equestrian life! but i have thoughts i'd like to post.

in other other news, namely house keeping crafty news, i hate myself for loving the idea of using mason jars for drinking, except for the ridged rim. but could i be more of an asshole? maybe. they're just so convenient and cute and classy and fit an aesthetic so nicely that i can easily see my kitchen being happy about.

anyway, it's bed time, i love you bye.

edit: i keep getting a bajillion emails because a spambot is leaving me comments suggesting ways said spambot could help with tidying my house. i'm partially hurt that the spambot just didn't get what this blog was going for, and partially annoyed at having to delete the comments from each entry. SIGH. sorry, i know it makes me look so unprofesh and lazy and sketchy to have spammy comments.

14 July 2011


next semester is my last of college. forever! at least college in the sense of on-campus living. regardless, i take the design of my room seriously (especially since i have a really sweet room comin' up). i've also been looking for another bed set for my at-home situation. i think it's a good idea to have two sets per bed.

i've mostly perused target--the novelty of having to travel to another state to go to a basic store, gets me every time! it is surprisingly difficult to find ideal bedding that's in my price range given i don't need it to be entirely perfect.

here are my finds so far (click the pictures to go to the sites):

a little comic-y and maybe overdramatic, but i like it, and the color scheme is just right.

pretty much the same pros and cons as above.

a little more grown up. 

far too expensive, but very classy.

06 June 2011

grandma's house

photo by me.

more like gaga

this has been my mantra for a few weeks. more like gaga. as amanda palmer put it, gaga is the "queen of plan a" and i should follow her example more. i have a style, and i think it's a good one. there are things i so want to wear, but the strangest fears and anxieties stop me. i've chanted more like gaga in my head a lot, and it is doing wonders.

i'm not a thin girl, and i never have been, and frankly, no matter how much i tried or succeeded, i never really would be. genetics gave me broad shoulders and hips, and that's bone, which is not something you would ever seek to lose. thick thighs and big breasts from my various grandmothers. some of my quirks are about my weight, some are not, like my weird ski jump nose, no thanks to dad. but i shouldn't say things like "no thanks." i am all for the body-love movement. i love seeing confident women, wearing whatever they want, being HB(s)IC.  but for some reason i have a very hard time translating that for myself and my own life.

hating your body is just awful. this is your vessel! and this is your only vessel. you should respect it and love it, and you should adorn it to honor and celebrate it. i feel like i am all set up in so many ways, and yet, at the end of the day, it's nothing but nitpicking for my body. there is nothing fair about that attitude. being chubby says nothing about my character, intelligence, style, creativity or worth. it's just another Thing about me, like how i have blue eyes.

but blah blah society, blah blah norms. chubby, fat, big have all been made into dirty words. i've let them seep into my mind and break me down with that perspective. but i am really trying to reverse that, honestly, fucked up mindset and to begin carrying myself with pride about what a wonderful vessel i've been blessed with, all the wonderful things it has done, all the places we've been together, the way it makes some pieces of clothing just work. besides a bad back (which is my own fault for heavy messenger bags and backpacks), this body has done nothing wrong to me. other people have told me and convinced me that my body is shameful, and have achieved in making me hate a very innocent party.

wrong in so many ways.

more like gaga. fierce. i'm a hot babe. work it.

i bought a bikini, so here's me wearing the top with absolutely no makeup on and super-sleepy face because this was about one hour after waking:
so there's that, internet.

25 May 2011

term is almost over

which means i can begin posting in a way that i would be proud of!

some things:

find me at pinterest! what fun! it's like this blog without the witty banter!

lady gaga's new album, born this way, is absolutely incredible.

i have been working on a portable inspiration board. what the hell is that? i will share soon.

today i obtained two silkscreen printing frames that need to be re-screened. not a big deal, and ultimately cheaper than two new screens. this means now i have three screens and all of my projects are going to go so much faster! and being given them was major validation for the love and work i've developed in the world of printing and i am so excited to go onwards with this passion. i've been given permission to screenprint at will next (and final, omg! it's almost over!) term despite not being in a silkscreen or bookmaking class. you go girl (i'm talking to myself.)

i have a new color obsession with gray. on a whim, i bought new sheets for my school twin. i have a deep pink, almost magenta top sheet and a light gray-purple blanket, with black and dark dark purple pillow cases. i can't believe how awesomely these colors go together.

i have so much to say and do regarding craft and art this summer. can't wait to share and blow all of my money at michael's!!!!