25 May 2011

term is almost over

which means i can begin posting in a way that i would be proud of!

some things:

find me at pinterest! what fun! it's like this blog without the witty banter!

lady gaga's new album, born this way, is absolutely incredible.

i have been working on a portable inspiration board. what the hell is that? i will share soon.

today i obtained two silkscreen printing frames that need to be re-screened. not a big deal, and ultimately cheaper than two new screens. this means now i have three screens and all of my projects are going to go so much faster! and being given them was major validation for the love and work i've developed in the world of printing and i am so excited to go onwards with this passion. i've been given permission to screenprint at will next (and final, omg! it's almost over!) term despite not being in a silkscreen or bookmaking class. you go girl (i'm talking to myself.)

i have a new color obsession with gray. on a whim, i bought new sheets for my school twin. i have a deep pink, almost magenta top sheet and a light gray-purple blanket, with black and dark dark purple pillow cases. i can't believe how awesomely these colors go together.

i have so much to say and do regarding craft and art this summer. can't wait to share and blow all of my money at michael's!!!!

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