02 May 2011

my favorite bedroom

i move around with some frequency. i spend a little more than a month hither and tither, other places a year or two, other places several months, sometimes a few years. my current bedroom is, however, my favorite thus far. i think i have hit a level of aesthetic and design that is functional, comfortable and interesting to me. keeping it clean is another story, but here are some shots of it when clean:
the mirror, i believe, is from bed bath and beyond. the dresser was an awesome find at a thrift store. some candles are from the dollar store, some are saint candles from walgreen's.

where did that chair come from? i really don't know.

note the dollar store jesus image. i love religious kitsch.

walk in closet to my left. it added a suspension rod in the doorway and a silky purple curtain.

i have several bookcases and shelves but it's never enough for books and doodads. 
big comfy bed!

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