25 May 2011

term is almost over

which means i can begin posting in a way that i would be proud of!

some things:

find me at pinterest! what fun! it's like this blog without the witty banter!

lady gaga's new album, born this way, is absolutely incredible.

i have been working on a portable inspiration board. what the hell is that? i will share soon.

today i obtained two silkscreen printing frames that need to be re-screened. not a big deal, and ultimately cheaper than two new screens. this means now i have three screens and all of my projects are going to go so much faster! and being given them was major validation for the love and work i've developed in the world of printing and i am so excited to go onwards with this passion. i've been given permission to screenprint at will next (and final, omg! it's almost over!) term despite not being in a silkscreen or bookmaking class. you go girl (i'm talking to myself.)

i have a new color obsession with gray. on a whim, i bought new sheets for my school twin. i have a deep pink, almost magenta top sheet and a light gray-purple blanket, with black and dark dark purple pillow cases. i can't believe how awesomely these colors go together.

i have so much to say and do regarding craft and art this summer. can't wait to share and blow all of my money at michael's!!!!

09 May 2011

dollar store find: wall decals

my room at college has walls of steel. and you're not really supposed to hammer anything into the walls, not even tacks... and even if you do hammer tacks into the wall you will find that the pin part will, in fact, bend, which is fascinating.

i make do in the wall decorating department.

however, i found wall decals at the dollar store the other day. i'd always been curious about how they'd work out but never really had ample funds for them. with the dollar store i accepted they could be more or less useless, but still worth a try.

i'm not entirely sure what theme they were--historical landmarks? there's the colosseum, leaning tower of pisa, vatican, i think the white house. the others are so distorted it's really hard to tell. but i put them up and they're actually quite nice! some of them curled inwards a bit, as expected, but a little scotch tape fixed that.

sorry for the shitty picture... someday soon i'll use a real camera instead of my phone. notice that my boyfriend made the bed, so nice and cozy!

02 May 2011

my favorite bedroom

i move around with some frequency. i spend a little more than a month hither and tither, other places a year or two, other places several months, sometimes a few years. my current bedroom is, however, my favorite thus far. i think i have hit a level of aesthetic and design that is functional, comfortable and interesting to me. keeping it clean is another story, but here are some shots of it when clean:
the mirror, i believe, is from bed bath and beyond. the dresser was an awesome find at a thrift store. some candles are from the dollar store, some are saint candles from walgreen's.

where did that chair come from? i really don't know.

note the dollar store jesus image. i love religious kitsch.

walk in closet to my left. it added a suspension rod in the doorway and a silky purple curtain.

i have several bookcases and shelves but it's never enough for books and doodads. 
big comfy bed!

01 May 2011

dollar store find: bird glasses

i found these at my local yankee dollar; bought two of them. currently classily half full of mike's hard lemonade cranberry style.

crow & mouse

i screen printed one of my designs on t shirts yesterday just testing the waters of fabricand color. i used regular ol' screen printing acrylics, so i don't know how well it'll do if put through a washing machine. out of curiosity i put a little water on it and rubbed vigorously (yes, that's what she said) and it didn't come off. maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised!

here's me, and one of the shirts:

the colors are fascinating-- the grey looks extremely different on black fabric than gray, and even more different from the paper the original prints are on. i am all about screen printing lately.