a list of my varied desires! sharing, so if you're interested in seeing what i'm interested in, or can shed light on an item, or feel like buying me something (??? i don't know), you can see it here. this is also for my own benefit when i happen to have some spendin' moneys and no ideas where to spend it!

victorian fashions and costumes from harper's bazaar, 1867-1898 by stella blum
accessories of dress: an illustrated encyclopedia by katherine lester & bess viola oerke
american victorian costume in early photographs by priscilla harris dalrymple
the corset and the crinoline: an illustrated history by w.b. lord
fantastic ornament: 110 designs and motifs by michel lienard
ancient egypt: its culture and history by j.e. manchip white
alexander mcqueen fashions: recreated in paper dolls 
egyptian magic
800 classic ornaments and designs
authentic victorian stencil designs
dresser's victorian ornamentation
old time frames and borders
old fashioned pictorial borders
pictorial archive of decorative and mortised cuts