14 July 2011


next semester is my last of college. forever! at least college in the sense of on-campus living. regardless, i take the design of my room seriously (especially since i have a really sweet room comin' up). i've also been looking for another bed set for my at-home situation. i think it's a good idea to have two sets per bed.

i've mostly perused target--the novelty of having to travel to another state to go to a basic store, gets me every time! it is surprisingly difficult to find ideal bedding that's in my price range given i don't need it to be entirely perfect.

here are my finds so far (click the pictures to go to the sites):

a little comic-y and maybe overdramatic, but i like it, and the color scheme is just right.

pretty much the same pros and cons as above.

a little more grown up. 

far too expensive, but very classy.

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