17 October 2011

tomorrow i will, dammit!:

GET UP at 8:10 alarm. like, actually get up--and i hope to remind myself that playing scrabble on my phone is not getting up in the slightest. i need to make my bed too.

it's so hard to make your bed in the morning. it's hard to make my dorm bed, anyway, because it's low to the ground and against a wall in an awkward way that makes it hard to tuck sheets in satisfactorily. but the feeling of climbing into a fresh bed is worth it.

and then i will SHOWER and pick out a superb outfit. i will tidy my room, completely, and take out the garbage.

then i will go to the print studio, or sketch for a few hours.

future maxine, do these things. seriously.

in other news, sorry to whoever reads this for my lack of posting. i've had a lot of thoughts and have been primping with pride over the state of my current room situation but have been busy doing fun things like creating art, drinking good beer and delving back into the equestrian life! but i have thoughts i'd like to post.

in other other news, namely house keeping crafty news, i hate myself for loving the idea of using mason jars for drinking, except for the ridged rim. but could i be more of an asshole? maybe. they're just so convenient and cute and classy and fit an aesthetic so nicely that i can easily see my kitchen being happy about.

anyway, it's bed time, i love you bye.

edit: i keep getting a bajillion emails because a spambot is leaving me comments suggesting ways said spambot could help with tidying my house. i'm partially hurt that the spambot just didn't get what this blog was going for, and partially annoyed at having to delete the comments from each entry. SIGH. sorry, i know it makes me look so unprofesh and lazy and sketchy to have spammy comments.

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