18 April 2011


first post!
i don't really have much prepared to say about design or style or whatever this blog is about. well, i do. i painted a kickass bird house the other day. whatever. i want to say hello as your blog hostess, web mistress (yikes), and internet buddy.
i love aesthetics. i love seeing how people decorate their homes. it has been something of a lifelong passion, though for many years it was like pulling teeth to get me to clean and organize my room and thus my interest could really only go so far. but now, in whatever form of adulthood i am experiencing, i'm a little obsessed with cleanliness, organization, displaying things in a certain way.  and i have grown very obsessed and confident with the styles and aesthetics i have come to feel, in some way, represent me.

i've always been drawn to things that are layered and complex, elaborate, dramatic and maybe a little romantic. i love cemeteries, old houses, history, dresses, birds, rabbits, deer, horror movies, ghost stories, back roads, new england, traveling, the victorian era, europe, cafes, bookstores and books.. and a lot of other things, but i take all of these elements into account for the way i like to decorate my surroundings and my self.

i like making and decorating and remaking and redecorating and it's something i like to document. and remind myself that i have plenty of things to do when i say "i'm bored."

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